Asbestos in Roofing: The Dangers and Why You Need to Replace Your Roof

Blog |May 7th, 2018

Corrugated asbestos roofing was a common sight across Australia until the 1980s. This fibro product was thicker than corrugated iron and had a matte, weather-worn look after several years. Actually, the weathered look was an indication of changing features of the roofing material itself. After years of exposure to harsh yearly weather conditions, many of these asbestos roofs began to disintegrate.

When this happens, asbestos particles in fine dust form often gather in gutters and scatter in the wind, causing a health hazard. Asbestos roofing contains the three primary types of asbestos—chrysotile (“white asbestos”), amosite (“brown asbestos”) and crocidolite (“blue asbestos”), all of which can be harmful if inhaled while it is airbourne and if it settles on other surfaces or touches your skin.

Important Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Asbestos Roofing

Asbestos roofing material or roofs that contain some asbestos should definitely be replaced for the following important reasons:

• Weathered Roofs Can Deteriorate Rapidly. – Once your roof shows signs of weathering, it can deteriorate quickly. If the roofing is asbestos or contains asbestos, this disintegrating process can release potentially dangerous particles of asbestos into the air. Once they are airbourne, these particles can be inhaled or may collect on your skin, presenting possibly quite serious health hazards.

• Asbestos Roofing Can Be Harmful.
– Asbestos roofing has been proven to present health hazards when the roofing deteriorates and releases asbestos dust and particles into the atmosphere. This debris can cause lung inflammations and disease as well as certain types of cancer and skin disorders.

• Homes with Asbestos Roofs Can be Difficult to Sell and Insure. – Many modern home buyers do not want to purchase homes with asbestos roofs today. They often are not interested in looking at houses with roofing that contains even small amounts of asbestos. These savvy home seekers know that encapsulation is no longer thought to be safe as an alternative to asbestos removal and that removing asbestos roofing entirely is the only real solution to ridding a home of the dangers of roofing that contains this hazardous material. These home buyers also know that it can be quite difficult to obtain homeowner’s insurance for a house that has asbestos roofing today.

When you consult the roofing specialists of Coast to City Roofing in Geelong, they will explain that it is the safest practice today to treat all asbestos roofing as friable rather than bonded. Friable asbestos removal must be accompanied by air quality monitoring procedures to ensure that no asbestos particles are escaping into the air during removal. These roofing experts will arrange and perform a completely safe, secure and eco-friendly removal of your asbestos roofing, replacing it with a new roof of an advanced, safe and durable composition like Colorbond. You will then benefit from a durable, attractive and non-hazardous, modern roof to enhance the curb appeal and market value of your home.

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