Chimney Flashing for Metal Roofs: Installation and Repair Services

Blog |June 22nd, 2018

Homeowners should never underestimate the importance of chimney flashing with keeping that area of their metal roof safe from unnecessary harm. As with all other roof elements, it needs to be installed and maintained correctly to prevent water from seeping into the decking, attic and other unwanted areas of the home or chimney. For a deeper understanding of this roof element, read the following information.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

This type of flashing is installed around the base of the chimney where it meets the metal roof. Part of it fits around the base while part of it extends up onto the lower bricks to ensure maximum protection. Its purpose is to make a waterproof seal in this location to prevent moisture from seeping into unwanted parts of the structure as we stated earlier. Professionals can select to use aluminium, steel, copper, PVC or vinyl flashing depending on the roof’s specifications and location in the country.

Issues That Can Occur When Flashing Performs Its Function Inadequately

Various issues can occur if the flashing is improperly installed or becomes loose, such as the following:

• Moisture can seep into the brick work on the chimney and cause degradation of the grout, which leads to loosened bricks and possible leaks
• The integrity of the interior of the chimney can be at risk if the flashing performs its job inadequately
• Water can seep into the decking of the roof and cause premature deterioration of it
• Once the water can seep into the decking, it also may enter the attic and framework of the house
• Leaks will cause further damage, such as wall and ceiling staining, buckling and deterioration, the longer that they exist

Take Immediate Action When There Are Issues With Your Chimney Flashing

As you can tell by of the above issues, you should take immediate action when you first notice issues with your chimney flashing on your metal roof in order to prevent severe damage from occurring to your house. When you ignore flashing issues, the repair bills can be overwhelming to remedy all of the damage. If you address the issues quickly, though, the cost of remedying the problem is minimal in comparison.

When you are in need of reliable, quality chimney flashing installation and repair services for your metal roof, contact Coast to City Roofing. Our company offers a full line of roofing services, including installation and repairs of all of your roofing elements. Upon your request, we will come to your home and assess your issues and provide you with a quote for all necessary services to remedy them.


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