Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

Blog |October 24th, 2018

Metal roofing has come back in style in a big way. Thanks to the durability of metal roofing and the longevity of the profit, more and more people are installing it onto their homes and businesses. Despite how durable and long-lasting metal roofing is, you’ll still eventually run into one sort of problem or another. Today, we are going to talk about leaks in your metal roofing. Specifically, we are going to go over the most common causes of metal roof leaks. We’ll detail these common leak causes so that you can have the foundation of information that you need to address potential issues on your own property.

Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

As we mentioned above, metal roofs have a unique blend of durability, longevity and raw strength. Despite all of these positive characteristics, leaks can happen and when they do you are going to want to know why. Roof leaks can range from an annoying drip all the way to a snaking leak that rots the interior of your walls. Put simply, you don’t want to have to deal with leaks if you can avoid them. Metal roofs are very different from traditional roofs in that the cause of leaks can come from a variety of different external factors. Let’s go ahead and outline the most common leaks below.

1) Problems with your screws.

When your metal roofing is installed, a professional roofing crew ideally will utilise their screws responsibly. With that being said, there are a variety of issues that can be caused due to improper screw installation. From misalignment to over-drilling, this is one of the easiest ways to cause a roof leak. If you notice a subtle leak in your roof, this might be where you want to start.

2) Rust and corrosion build-up.

While most metal roofs can be treated with anti-corrosion materials, sometimes time and weather will create problems you didn’t realise were possible. If you have a leak and you suspect it might be due to rust or corrosion, confirm it yourself or have a professional company come in for an inspection.

3) Curb and stack flashings.

This is sort of a two-fer issue. While most professional roofing companies are excellent at what they do, others have trouble during the installation process. This trouble most commonly manifests itself in the form of a stack or curb flashings. Stack flashings are the areas around pipes where they exit your metal roof. Curb flashings are the areas where your roof is installed overtop a rise.

As you can see, there are numerous ways that your metal roof can begin leaking. Take a look at our suggestions above and consider calling in a professional roofing expert for further inspection.


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