Give Your Roof a New Life with a New Colorbond® Metal Roof

Blog |March 29th, 2018

To revitalize your roof for a long-lasting lifespan, install a new Colorbond® steel roof that will withstand the most harsh Australian weather conditions. This roof will always maintain its strength and surface luster. With improved paint colour and gloss, this roof will look like new regardless of the number of heavy rains and windy, blustery days it must endure.

Designed and thoroughly tested in Australia, this roofing material has proven to last and shine despite the country’s variety of unique, relentless weather. The current improved Colorbond® steel on the building supply market today holds its original colour and glossy finish longer than earlier generations of this product, performing better than other grades of roofing in its class of construction material.

New Colorbond® Steel Will Give Your Roof a New, Longer and More Lustrous Life

By installing new Colorbond® steel, you will fortify your roof with a new, more lengthy and lustrous lifespan. Major benefits of choosing Colorbond® for your new roofing material include the following:

• Tough, Durable Composition.
– Colorbond® steel is specially formulated to withstand the grueling effects of intense heat and rays from direct sunlight. It can also remain strong and durable during all types of climate and temperature changes throughout the year. In coastal regions, this sturdy roofing will not rust or corrode from constant moisture in the atmosphere and salt that is blown over its surfaces by persistent wind. It maintains its distinctive colour and sheen regardless of any rapid or unexpected changes from mild to extremely stormy weather.

• Reduced Cooling Costs.
– When you use Colorbond® for your roofing material, you will gain both monetary and environmental benefits. This all-steel roofing product is designed to enable you to cut annual energy costs for cooling your home or other building. This thick, impenetrable roof with its smooth, shiny surface reflects the sun’s light and heat, helping to keep the interior spaces of your home consistently cool during the hottest days of summer.

• Advanced Engineering for Attractive Design.
– This contemporary, attractive roofing offers sleek, smooth surface colour and design that is pleasing visually as well as practical. Its hearty surface finishes do not fade, chip or streak when exposed to harsh weather conditions over time. Your Colorbond roof will not only keep your home’s interior cool during summer, but it will also help contain the heat during winter’s cold, blustery days due to its thickness and sealed surface coating.

When you engage the expert services of Coast to City Roofing, providing services to the Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and nearby areas, you will receive top quality advice, roofing material and installation for your new roof. This fine team of experienced professional roofers will install an attractive steel roof on your newly constructed home or replace the old iron or tile roofing or your current home with long-lasting Colorbond® steel roofing.

This safe, durable new roof over your head will enable you to relax and enjoy your home-life without worries about whether or not to install new or replacement roofing of steel or another material for your residence. Your excellent caliber roofing team and roofing material will ensure that your home is fitted with the optimum quality and style of modern roofing with the use of the ultimate in attractive and durable material— Colorbond® steel.

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