Gutters, Facias, Rainheads, and Downpipes: Purposes in Roofing

Blog |July 10th, 2018

Gutters, facias, rainheads and downpipes all play an integral role in protecting the roof and the house or building from water damage. Each of these elements performs its own unique function. Together they are quite effective at either draining the water from the roof or keeping it from seeping into the structural components of the house or other type of building. We are here to explain each of these elements in-depth and their purpose in roofing in the following facts.


The role of gutters is to catch the water draining from the roof and guide it in a specific direction rather than allowing it to just run off the roof at random. If you fail to install these elements on your structure, the water may accumulate around the foundation where it can cause damage to occur, such as cracking and weakening. Other issues also may happen.


Fascias or fascia boards are the vertical edge that attach at the end of the trusses and rafters of the roof to protect them from the outside elements. These are the boards where the installers will attach the gutters to securely. Fascia boards will be around the entire perimeter of the top of the structure.


Downspouts or downpipes direct the water down to the ground once they receive it from the gutters. These come in various shapes and lengths to accommodate any structure. Their lengths also are customisable. A gutter extension also is available for installation at the ground-end of the downspouts for the purpose of directing the water away from the house or building. Typically, the downpipes are at the corners of the house or building where they do not negatively affect the curb appeal of the structure.


Rainheads are connectors that professionals install on the gutter and downspout to join the two together securely. With their help, the water can flow from the gutter through the downpipe without issue. Also, they control any overflow that may occur due to a storm.

Proper Maintenance Is Vital for These Elements to Perform Their Functions Correctly.

It is important that you also understand that all of these elements require proper maintenance in order for them to perform their functions efficiently. With the fascia boards, you must ensure that they are in ideal condition and do not show signs of wear. You must keep gutters, rainheads and downpipes unclogged in order for the water to flow through them in an unhindered fashion.

For additional facts about gutters, facias, rainheads and downpipes, consult with Coast to City Roofing. We specialise in the replacement of old tile and iron roofing by installing new zinkalume or Colorbond roofing along with the installation of the necessary fascias, rainheads, gutters and downpipes.

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