Reasons Why Downpipes and Flashings Might Need Immediate Repair

Blog |January 15th, 2019

No matter how well you take care of your property, eventually problems might begin to manifest. When it comes to dealing with problems pertaining to the roof, most of us are completely clueless. Who is trained to look out for potential roofing issues? In any event, when problems begin to crop up, you need to have some key information on your side. For that reason, we are going to be looking at common problems that your downpipes and flashings might have to deal with. The issues you will read about below will signify that you need to seriously consider repairing your roof.

Common Downpipe and Flashing Problems

Before we start highlighting the most common causes for repair with your downpipes and flashings, let’s explain what exactly these two roofing items are. Flashings are essentially detailed sealing sections of your roof that seek to preserve your property from leaking moisture. Downpipes are integral parts of your drainage system as they help to direct water from your roof and away from your property. With that simple explanation out of the way, let’s highlight common repair problems.

1) Flashing Repair Issues
Roof flashing is typically going to be situated around a few key areas: skylights, windows, chimneys and corner seams. While roof flashing makes up a small portion of your actual roof, the problems that can arise from them can be catastrophic. Most common flashing issues are rooted around:

a) Poor Installation – When flashing is incorrectly installed, moisture can seep you’re your building.

b) Corrosion – If you notice that your roof flashing is starting to corrode, you likely have a leak. Leaks need to be repaired immediately as corrosion can exacerbate issues while eventually leading to huge problems.

2) Downpipe Repair Issues
Downpipes are simple elements on your roof but that doesn’t mean that they are bereft from potential problem. In fact, downpipes can have a wide range of problems.

a) Corrosion – Typically, corrosion problems will start to manifest after you have left your downpipes to their own devices for too long. You need to frequently clean your downpipes in order to prevent these issues.

b) Holes/Punctures – Obstructions in your downpiping, such as foreign objects being swept into your gutter, can lead to punctures and holes in the metal itself. These cannot be left alone.

c) Bracket Damage – Prolonged exposure to the elements, age, and UV exposure can lead to brackets breaking free from their restraints.

When you run into roofing issues, don’t live as if the issue will solve itself. Call Coast to City Roofing for all of your flashing and downpipe repair needs.

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