Reroofing Services in Geelong: Signs that Indicate that Your Roof Needs Reroofing

Blog |April 23rd, 2018

When looking at a home, most people don’t realise just how important their roof is. Of course, we pay plenty of attention to maintaining our walls and floors and we make sure to properly landscape our yard, but the roof always gets left out of the conversation. Unfortunately, ignoring your roof comes at its own peril and the results of a damaged roof can lead to some serious consequences. With these thoughts in our minds, let us take some time to focus on the importance of reroofing and, more importantly, when YOU should consider getting your roof repaired and replaced.

The Importance of Reroofing: Signs to Pay Attention To

While most people don’t typically spend time thinking of maintaining their roof, unless there is a leak or some visual aesthetic damage, this is a mindset that could lead to trouble in relatively short order. Like everything else in your home, your roof has a lifespan and when that lifespan starts to come to an end you can be introduced to some real problems. Let’s take a closer look at the signs and symptoms that indicate you may be in need of reroofing services.

1) Discoloured Spots – When looking at your roof, and the materials that comprise it, can you see any general discolouration? Discolouration is a prime indicator that your roof is starting to wear away and erode.

2) Mould
– When moisture gets into your shingles, rot and mould will be close behind. Typically, you want to pay attention to wet spots on your roof as well as areas of your roof that are comprised of broken or worn down shingles.

3) Sagging Structure – One of the most obvious aesthetic traits of a failing roof is when the structure begins to completely sag. Your roof should have straight roof lines that are free of dips and curves. If you notice any part of your roof starting to sag, you need to get in touch with a qualified roofing specialist immediately.

4) Leaks
– Persistent leaks shouldn’t be a part of your life. If you notice repeated leaks, big or small, then your roof might be starting to wear away. Leaks can cause more damage than what is visible to you. Leaks can trail into your walls and lead to mould and water damage that can adversely impact your health and the health of those around you.

Ultimately, it is going to be up to you to take care of your roof. Pay special attention to how your roof looks and keep an eye out for the symptoms we listed above.

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